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Upon reaching out to me with inquiry about commission, I will want to speak to you more in depth, likely over the phone. I do this because I need to get an idea for exactly what you are envisioning. I’ll ask about scale, color palette, medium, and more. If you do not know answers to these questions, don’t stress. I approach commissions as a collaboration between the both of us.

After I get an idea about what it is you are hoping to commission, I can give you an estimated price quote. I’ll also go over my contract with you, the timeline, and all the nitty-gritty details to making this unique work of art come to life.

Please allow about 3-5 weeks for the work to come to life, unless otherwise stated. Depending on the scale, this can happen much faster, sometimes in a few days. On the flip side, if I have a lot of commissions, they are approached first-come-first-served, so if you are hoping to give art as a gift, preparation is key!

When the contract is signed, I will need an agreed upon deposit to begin working. At the halfway mark, I will send progress photographs and ask for feedback. You will know how your work is developing, it will not be a surprise.

So, tell me, what can I make for you today?

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