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I am a multidisciplinary artist working in fibers, painting, drawing, photography, and installation. In 2019, I received an MFA in 2-Dimensional studies from Bowling Green State University. I studied the ability for fiber art to be an apparatus for voice and how we can gain knowledge through the process of making, performance art and performativity, and the communicative power of art which can link generations and cultures. 

In addition to my professional studio practice, I am an art educator. I teach Art at Proctor High School and I am passionate about bringing communities together through art experiences by teaching through community education programs and non-profits of the Twin Ports area. I am particularly compelled to bring accessible arts learning opportunities to people of all backgrounds and I believe everyone should have access to enriching and meaningful art experiences. For this reason, I am always eager to partner with organizations and schools as well as independent artists to write grants and create accessible arts learning opportunities that bring communities together through the arts.

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