Hello! Thank you for being interested in a photo session with me! I am a multi-disciplinary artist, passionate about painting, fiber craft, and of course, photography! I earned a Master of Fine Art in 2D art in 2019. I've been excited about photography since 2013, when I worked for a wedding photographer. In 2014, I purchased my first camera, hopped on a plane, and took a photography course in the Australian Outback, and I've been capturing moments, specifically portraits, ever since as a fun side hustle.


Art is such a gift to me. I am so fortunate to be an artist. It is a career I never anticipated, but it has changed my life for the better. It is richer, more full, and I am able to see the world more vividly. To give back, I wish to be a mirror, reflecting upon and sharing the beauty that I see in the world. I am especially excited to use portrait photography to be this mirror. We often do not see the beauty that others see in us- and I love to capture that. Whether we are talking senior portraits, family portraits, engagement sessions or *just because* photos- I love to remind that we are each beautifully and wonderfully made.

Check out my work below!




Let's talk cost. I know this is the least fun part of planning your photography session, so I like to be as up front and clear as possible. Nothing to hide here! 

Senior Photography Package - $150

2 Hours of Photography​

-20+ Images in a digital gallery with print release

-3 Outfits

-2 Locations (if close in proximity)

-1 Photo collage

Family Photography Package - $250*

*This price is for a family of four or less. Add $30 for each additional family member.

2 Hours of Photography

-20+ Images in a digital gallery with print release

-2 Outfits

-1 Location

Engagement Photography Package - $150

2 Hours of Photography

-20+ Images in a digital gallery with print release

-2 Outfits

-1 Location

-1 Photo collage

Headshot Photography Package - $75

1 Hour of Photography

-15+ Images in a digital gallery with print release

-2 Outfits

-1 Locations

A la Carte Menu

-Photo collage: $15

-Extra hour(s): $75/per

-Extra Location: $50

-Extra outfit: $25

-Travel*: $.50/per mile

*If I have to travel more than 30 miles to your location

Design Menu

Did you know I can do design for you, too? This is what being multi-passionate is all about. Some design ideas include: 

-Grad part invitations

-Save the dates

-Bridal shower invites

-Wedding invites

-Christmas cards

If you are interested in this option, let's chat!


What do I wear? 

​With multiple outfits, it is fun to choose a casual look, a snazzier look and a themed look that represents your passion. I am a huge fan of boldness. Bold colors, bold prints, bold style. What do I mean?  


Think "rich", like jewel tones, but avoid neon colors. Darker colors like maroon, navy, and plum are the most flattering on almost every body type! 

Big Patterns

Small patterns do not always translate well into photographs. Bigger patterns like buffalo plaid, thick stripes, and larger florals are great and can make a statement! 

What are the photo collages? 

Photo collages are just a fun thing to make for me, to be honest. I love to combine photographs to create a keepsake. For seniors, these collages highlight their passions. For engaged couples, they celebrate the beauty formed when two lives prepare to join as one. If your package does not come with a photo collage, but you would like one, no problem! We will just tack it on to your total cost as an ala carte item.

Where do the sessions happen?

This is really up to you! I am happy to suggest places, but I want to take your photos in a place you LOVE. I do have recommendations, though. I love texture. Great locations typically include fields of flowers and tall grass, forests, and locations with options for backdrops of distressed wood or masonry.  

All images are property of Alyssa J. Swanson.